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Why More Recruiting Firms Rely on Executive Search Research

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The hiring process is long and involved, and it can take months to find even a single candidate to interview. Because of this, many companies rely on executive search firms to do the hiring for them, but even executive firms can have difficulty finding viable candidates. When this happens, those firms to executive search research firms for help.

Why Custom Recruiting Research is the Answer

Search research firms develop lists of candidates and potential candidates for executive search firms to refer to when the pickings are slim. The lists are updated in real time so as to avoid the embarrassment and hassle of contacting a candidate who was just placed with a company by a competitor, or who was promoted to a position with more authority and higher pay than what a client is looking for. These lists include detailed information about a candidate, including their full name, contact information, position title, salary and any other information that may be relevant to a recruiter.

Executive search research firms also specialize in candidate development. If you don’t have the time or the resources necessary to develop a list of potential clients, the research firm will put in the necessary leg work to turn maybes into viable candidates.

Competitive Intelligence Simplifies the Search

Research firms specialize in just that: research. Because of this, everyone from the account managers to the directors are armed with extensive knowledge of the industries they hire for, the structures of each type of organization, the functions of each particular role and other essential details that can simplify the search and hiring processes. These organizations can provide competitive intelligence on the following:

  • Diversity rates
  • Department size and composition
  • Marketplace trends
  • Compensation and benefits offerings
  • Bonuses and incentives
  • Employee turnover and retention rates

If you require a specific type of intelligence, simply request it, and they will likely deliver.

Quick Turnaround for Quick Hires

Because executive search research firms focus solely on developing candidate lists and helping recruiting firms better understand the industries and organizations for which they work, they can product results in record time. Whether you need the results in two weeks or two hours, the right firm can make the necessary phone calls, send the necessary emails and form the necessary connections to make sure that the lists you requested are in your inbox when you need them.

Executive search is becoming a crucial aspect of any business. Search research firms are an increasingly crucial extension of executive recruitment, and search firms that realize that are better equipped to serve their clients and to produce quality results. For more details, visit us.