4 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid When You Pick a Moving Crew

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Business

Finding a reputable moving and storage firm in Northridge is essential to a hassle-free move. But hiring mistakes could get in the way of all that. Here are a few of them you’ll want to avoid:

Waiting too long

It’s best to look for a firm as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the eleventh hour before you start looking for options. Some companies will be booked solid weeks before your move so finding one a few months early is wise and practical.

Going for cheap

A lot of people think cheap options save them money. But if you end up getting scammed by dodgy movers or with some of your belongings missing, damaged or lost, then you’ll no one to blame but yourself. Look beyond the quote instead and choose a moving and storage firm in Northridge based on its reputation and service quality. This might cost you more but it’ll give you the peace of mind you want.

Not asking questions

Ask questions before you hire a moving crew, says the Realtor. Is the company licensed and insured? Are the movers insured? Is there any proof of their liability insurance? Ask so you won’t find yourself in a bind in case an accident happens onsite and you find out the movers aren’t insured after all.

Not seeing the signs

Be on your guard for red flags. If there are any signs that point to the movers being untrustworthy, walk away from that contract and hire someone else. If the company demands a huge deposit, doesn’t seem to ask questions about the items being moved or isn’t even interested in making a full inventory list, then you know something’s up.

By avoiding these hiring mistakes, you could easily find the best firm and crew to help you on D-day for a hassle-free move.

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