Questions About Kinase Assays Answered

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Are you familiar with the Transcreener ADP assay kit? If not, let’s start there. This kit has everything needed to detect ADP that is creased in an ATPase or kinase reaction. The kit comes with ADP far-red tracer, ADP antibody, ADP, ATP, and stop and detect buffer. The user is required to provide the substrates, kinase, and kinase reaction buffer needed for the process.

Is this Kinase Assay Kit Right for Me?

If you need a kinase assay, this kit is exactly what you need. It is a universal assay that is capable of working with both serine/threonine and purified tyrosine protein kinases and can be used with typical kinase buffers. In addition to working with protein kinases, this kit can also work with kinases that are non-protein. This might include those using a phosphate, alcohol, nitrogenous, or carboxyl groups as an acceptor. Any ADP produced in a reaction will be capable of being used with this type of assay.

Do These Kinase Activity Assays Work in Drug Development?

The Transcreener ADP Assay by has been developed in order to help follow the process of and kinase reactions. Kinasescatalyze a phosphate group transferring from ATP to a protein, lipid, peptide, or small molecule substrate and generat ADP as a byproduct. ADP competes with the tracer for binding to the monoclonal anti-ADP antibody.

How Selective is This Assay for ADP Over ATP?

When you use the proper reaction conditions for the ADP assay, it can be over 100 times more selective for ADP over ATP. This is more than sufficient for this type of assay. In order to gain the highest assay window and sensitivity, the antibody must be optimized for starting ATP concentrations.

Which Acceptor Substrates Are Appropriate with This Assay?

Using this kinase assay , you will find that it is based on generic detection of ADP and can be used in all types of kinase reactions. As such, any acceptor substrate is able to be used, whether sugar, peptide, protein, lipid, or nucleoside.

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