Get Away in Comfort with a Jet Charter in Fort Myers FL

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Aircraft

Taking a trip, whether for business or pleasure, can be a major hassle when dealing with an airline. To get a decent seat on a commercial plane, the tickets must be purchased well in advance. This can make last minutes trips very difficult. In addition, many people have to deal with the cancellations and overbooking issues that come with commercial flights. Commercial flights can also be overcrowded and uncomfortable. These issues can be avoided with a Jet Charter in Fort Myers FL.

Jet Charters

A Jet Charter in Fort Myers FL is the best way to fly in comfort and luxury. Flights can be scheduled when it is convenient for the customer, not when the airline wants to fly. Each traveler can sit in comfort and peace. These jets provide the perfect method for traveling for vacation or business trips. There is no worry about delays or cancellations since the flight is scheduled at the convenience of the passengers. Customers can also be assured that their trip is completely private and comfortable.


The Embraer Phenom 300 jets provide a unique experience for passengers. Each jet allows nine passengers to fly in luxurious comfort. The interior is designed by BMW Design Works to ensure the level of comfort and beauty customers are used to. These jets also boast a fully enclosed lavatory with running water to allow for more convenient breaks mid-flight. These jets have a 2,000-mile range to ensure customers can get where they need to be.


The Embraer Legacy 500 aircraft offer additional benefits for travelers to ensure their business or pleasure trip meets their needs. This jet can accommodate up to ten passengers in luxurious comfort. This plane is designed with a full galley and a stand-up cabin. It also boasts of luxury amenities, such as massage seats, that cannot be found on commercial airliners. This jet has a 3,100-mile range to provide an extended area for trips.

Avoiding commercial airlines can help to make any trip a little more fun and convenient. Charter jets offer this convenience for business or pleasure trips. Visit for more information or to schedule a flight.

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