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LED Engines for Title 24-Compliant Lighting Systems and Designs

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At least half of the wattage in kitchen areas need to be used by high-efficacy-rated lighting to be compliant with Title 24. High-efficacy fixtures are typically fluorescents and LEDs. LED light engines consist of units with a single LED or more, an LED driver and other relevant mechanical, thermal, electrical or optical components.

What is Title 24?

Title 24 comprises energy standards regarding efficiency in commercial structures and new or renovated homes. It was created to reduce the cost of energy and minimize environmental impact while improving the availability and reliability of electricity and interior comfort.

Compliance Stipulations

In the state of California, a luminaire or fixture must not carry a socket that provides for such low-efficacy lighting as incandescents. The fixtures must also produce a color-rendering index level of 90 or more in the interest of color accuracy. Temperatures must also lie in the range of 2700 to 4000k for interior lighting.

Title 24-Compliant Engines

Title 24 LED Engines are ideal for lighting systems based on Title 24 standards or applications and designs that incorporate MR11 or 16 bulbs. These applications can include interior decorative fixtures, signage, architectural applications, display, retail, landscape, commercial or museum installations

A Premium LED Lighting Source

Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of premium-level and Title 24 LED engines, luminaires, modules, and custom LED-based solutions can serve as guides and providers for vetted LED solutions in multiple commercial, landscape, residential and hospitality applications.