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Everything You Need to Know about LED Bookshelf Lighting

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If you love books, chances are you have bookshelves overflowing with them. Those in the living room receive the most attention. They are the ones in the best condition and reflect a lifetime of collecting.

The bookshelf may also be home to other types of keepsakes. Why not reflect how you feel about these treasured objects? Provide them with the perfect lighting. You can do so easily without the help of an electronic expert or electrician.

What You Need to Know

Before deciding to install bookshelf lighting, it is important to look at several factors. The immediate choice should be for LED lighting. It is reliable, energy-efficient and easy to install in confined places such as bookshelves. However, you need to look at the following facts about LED lights

  • Emit very little heat. This makes them ideal for placing next to books
  • Are not large, therefore are easily placed in such confined spaces as bookshelves
  • Are long-lasting
  • Are available in diverse easy-to-install formats

This does not mean you can select just any type of LED bookshelf lighting. If you want to spotlight your bookcase or specific volumes, use lights of higher lumen output. If you want to provide the bookshelf and its content with a warm and fuzzy embrace, install LED lights in the lower lumen output.

Making a Decision

Color, temperature and intensity or type of light are all factors in selecting the right type of LED bookshelf lighting. Bars, puck lights or tapes are options. Be sure to research before making your final choice.