Exotic Orchids Are the Perfect Gift for Your Berkeley Graduate

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Florist

While many people think of orchids as tropical plants, varieties of this exotic, beautiful flower can be found on every continent. There are 763 genera of orchids, with 28,000 individual species. Over the last few decades, orchids have become popular house plants, thriving with very little care.

Living orchids come in nearly every color you can imagine, from pristine white to vibrant orange, pink, and soft lavender. Most living orchids available as houseplants are tropical and subtropical varieties, but a few that thrive in cooler climates are also available. In fact, the mild, humid Bay Area climate is perfect for growing orchids.

Up until recently, exotic orchids were mostly given to girls on their first date or at graduation as a corsage. While cut orchids do last a long time, a living plant can live for years. Instead of cut flowers, consider living orchid flower delivery in Berkeley for your proud college graduate. The plant will bring years of enjoyment, triggering happy memories.

Unlike most houseplants, orchid roots need air. Never repot an orchid in an ordinary potting mix. Instead, you need to use an orchid potting mix. Instead of an ordinary pot, repot your orchid into a special orchid po. These are made of terra cotta, and have slits in the side for aeration. Orchids thrive in strong yet indirect sunlight. An eastern-facing window is perfect for your orchid.

Exotic, living orchids are the perfect modern gift. Contact Orchid Florist for gorgeous, living, orchid flower delivery in Berkeley. Visit www.orchidflorist.com to learn more.

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