Commercial Kitchen Floor Coating Eliminates the Need for Burnishing

by | Dec 22, 2021 | business services

Commercial kitchen floors come in many materials. No matter what your commercial kitchen floor is made of, you likely see the need to burnish it daily. Daily or weekly stripping is also common for these types of floors, and the extra effort always shows. Highly polished floors are part of a great cleaning regimen. Commercial kitchen floor coating will cut hours out of the daily floor cleaning routine in commercial kitchens and keep them highly polished at the same time.

Certain commercial coatings for kitchen floors work on many or all types of floors. There are permanent coating options that create a harder floor surface that is faster to clean and saves you time. Stripping and burnishing takes a lot of time and requires specific disposal procedures.

Water-based permanent coating has no odor, and it also reduces the risk of slipping in the kitchen. Certain coatings contain ingredients that help reduce the growth of bacteria and viruses. The ingredients include titanium dioxide, which works with lighting conditions and specific cleaners to create a high ph level on the floor. The high ph level inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and maintains a cleaner environment.

The commercial coating is compatible with certain cleaners that contain hydrogen peroxide. This is a strategic ingredient for fighting virus growth on surfaces indoors.

Commercial coating for kitchens can be permanent and easy to apply in layers the first time. Some permanent coatings are also guaranteed to never crack, chip, or peel. There are also coatings that are formulated so that they will never yellow.

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