Determining How Many Acres You Need Before Buying Land for Sale in Marion County, MO

by | Jun 1, 2023 | business services

When looking at land for sale in Marion County, MO, many people ask how much land they need. It’s sometimes best to answer this question by asking, “How much land do you want?” What are your plans for the land? Some people want to buy farms just to get away from the city. They don’t necessarily want to add “farmer” to their resumes. Some are trying to start a small farm, while others just want to hunt on their land. This will, of course, tell you how much land you need.

Hobby Farm

If you want a piece of land for a hobby garden, which means that you only need to farm for yourself, the size will depend on your farming. When looking at farms for sale in Marion County, MO, animals will need grazing space, which requires more acres than just growing things.

How many acres you need to farm will depend on what you want to grow. About five acres might be required for a small farm, but one or two acres might be enough to grow fruits and veggies for the whole family. Tell your realtor with LandProz Real Estate LLC what you want to do with your hobby farm.

Cattle Ranch

How many cows you want and if you wish to call them “grass-fed” will determine how much land you need when looking for land for sale in Marion County, MO. Due to its health benefits, grass-fed beef is a hot commodity.

Quality meat depends on the grazing acreage and type of grazing you allow. To grow fifty free-grazing cows, you need 100 acres. Rotational grazing may allow fifty cows on fifty acres. Rotational grazing needs more upkeep, but it will enable the paddocks to recover before the cows return.

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