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Back To School Or Work With A Marvel Water Bottle

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The Marvel comic empire is one that appeals to both kids as well as adults. These classic superheroes, supervillains, and anti-heroes are characters most people have grown up with, and the popularity of these characters continues to grow.

Giving the gift of a Marvel water bottle to head back to school or to take with you to work, on a hike, or whenever you may travel is a great way to bring a smile to someone’s face. Choosing a stainless steel water bottle that features the Marvel logo and characters provides a durable gift that will last a lifetime.

Design Features to Consider

Be sure to purchase a Marvel water bottle from a company that has partnered with the Marvel band. This ensures quality graphics, logos, and text that is authentic and true to the Marvel comic line.

Look for 18/8 stainless steel in the bottle design. The 18/8 stainless steel designation means the bottle is fully rust-resistant, and this is a stainless steel alloy commonly used in cookware manufacturing, so it is safe for use. Ideally, copper lining in the bottle is another factor to consider.

The mouth or the top of the water bottle should be wide enough to make it easy to add standard ice cubes. With triple insulation and ice, drinks stay cold for up to 60 hours, which is perfect for traveling or busy people on the go.

The lid of the Marvel water bottle should be BPA -free plastic, which is healthy, safe, and easy to clean. A lid design with an ergonomic loop makes it easy to hook on a finger and carry with you or attach to a backpack clip for added convenience.