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Your Favorite Animal Hospital in Riverside CA Can Help you Take Good Care of Your Aging Pet

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Watching our pets get older isn’t always easy. Usually around the age of six or seven, dogs start to slow down a bit. They’re not “old” but they just aren’t as spry as they were when they were pups anymore.

Think of a dog at that age as being the approximate equivalent of a person in their 40s. Though they are still very active, this is when changes start to happen. Stiff joints when getting up in the morning, aches and pains that weren’t there before, weight gain. Dogs age much like we do, and with our care they can continue living healthy and happy lives for many years to come.

One of the first things you probably want to discuss with your vet when you take your pet in for their regular visit at an animal hospital in Riverside, CA is diet. Senior dogs have different nutritional needs than an adult dog and you may have to adjust their diet if they have any medical conditions, such as diabetes. Some dogs get fussy and refuse to eat much as they get older and some just seem to want to eat and sleep so they gain weight. Your vet can give you advice based on your situation.

If your dog has been having trouble getting around and seems to be in pain, you might want to talk to your vet about pain medication. There are some very effective pain meds for dogs available that you can give to them daily to help them get around a bit better. Make sure they are getting some regular exercise as well, even if it is just a daily stroll around the block.

Keep an eye on your dog’s teeth as they get older, too. Even if they never had dental issues before, they are at the point where they might start to happen. It is always a good idea to take senior dogs in for exams at an animal hospital in Riverside, CA twice a year. Your veterinarian can examine your pet’s teeth and let you know if they need to be professionally cleaned. Keeping them clean is important because excessive bacteria from dental problems can get into the blood stream and take years off their life. Visit SoCal K9 Clinic for more information