Avoiding Odor When Waiting For A Garbage Disposal Company in Baltimore MD To Arrive

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Garbage Collection Service

When someone calls a Garbage Disposal Company in Baltimore MD to schedule a weekly pickup of their trash, they will want to ensure the garbage they have out at the curb is contained properly, so it does not cause the odor to occur. When garbage is pungent, it will become an attraction to any animals in the area, leading to possible disarray if trash is carried out of the can. Here are some steps one can take to ensure their trash is safely contained in the cans in a way where it does not cause the excessive odor to those in the area.

Double Bag Trash To Minimize Smell

It is best to use two trash bags when containing garbage. Putting one inside of another before collecting garbage for disposal will be an effective way in keeping the smells contained. Double-bagging may cost more money in trash bags, but it will save the hassle of having to pick up trash around the home if an animal topples over the can to see what is inside.

Clean The Can Regularly To Keep Odor Away

After the trash company takes away any refuse left for pickup, it is best to clean out the cans to eliminate the smells of any spilled substances that may have gotten inside. Use a garden hose to rinse out each can and let it dry in the sun. Afterward, sprinkle a deodorizing powder into each can to start it off fresh for the next batch of trash to be collected.

Store The Trash Appropriately

Do not place trash in an area where excessive heat is present. This will amplify the amount of odor the garbage emits. Instead, place the trash in cans inside a shaded garage or shed until trash pickup day.

If someone wishes to have a Garbage Disposal Company in Baltimore MD come pick up their trash, they will want to call a reliable service in the area. A garbage service known to be timely with pickups as well as competitive with pricing is desirable. Contact Bay Area Disposal to find out more about their rates and to start service today.

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