How To Find Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Business

Printer ink can often soak up a huge portion of your office budget. Finding cheap ink for your printer can often be an incredibly difficult task – often the ink that is the cheapest is also of a low quality. There are, however, many retailers who are able to offer this important office product at a fraction of the high cost. Here are a few tips on how to find cheap printer ink cartridges.

Look Online

While there are many online retailers that are less than reputable, if you shop with a critical eye you can easily find reputable retailers who stock low cost ink. Look for a company with a functioning customer service number, variety in terms of product offered, and some type of satisfaction guarantee, such as a refund or return policy. These are standards most reputable retailers hold; by staying with a company who can offer those standards you can be sure that you have found an ideal supplier.

Speak With Other Office Managers

Office managers are usually the individuals in any office tasked with ordering supplies, including printer ink. The pressure to stay under budget can be immense, meaning that many office managers do spend some of their time looking for cheaper alternatives to existing suppliers. In many cases, ink is the first area where they try to cut supply costs, turning to online suppliers instead. Speak with your own office manager, and those employed by your colleagues. You may be surprised to learn a number of different ways to reduce the cost of your supplies, and are almost certain to learn a few tricks on how to find inexpensive ink.

Don’t Buy Brand Name

Consider buying an off-brand product the next time you buy ink. In most situations, the off-brand product is just as good as the brand name alternative, but available at a percentage of the cost.

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