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A Quick Guide to Various Hammer Mills Technologies and Their Applications

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Hammer mills are essential pieces of equipment used in various industries. This equipment reduces the size of bulk materials by crushing, grinding, or milling. Hammer milling technology has evolved over the years. Earlier, materials were reduced by manually hitting them with a hammer. However, modern hammer milling machines are fully automated. This article will give you a quick review of the different types of hammer mills available in the market and their applications.

5 Different Types of Hammer Mills

Hammer mills can be differentiated based on their industrial function. Some of these include the following:

  1. Gravity Discharge Industrial Hammer Mill: The hammers are mounted on a shaft in this equipment. This machine reduces the size of the material by the swinging hammers striking the material and by the particle-on-particle force. These equipment(s) are widely used for crushing ceramics, dry chemicals, glass, and other solid in bulk materials.
  2. Pneumatic Discharge Hammer Mills: The hammer milling technology adopted by this equipment is quite similar to the one you find in the gravity discharge hammer mills. The pneumatic discharge hammer mill has a plate dashboard that helps in the size reduction of material. The pneumatic discharge hammer mills reduce the size of materials like greenwood, biomass, paper, etc.
  3. Full-Circle Screen Hammer Mills: These industrial Hammer Mills come with a 300° rotating screen. This rotating screen helps improve particle evacuation after their size is reduced as per specification. This machine reduces the size of those lightweight components that do not require initial grinding, like grasses, spices, and more.
  4. Horizontal In-Feed Hammer Mills: The materials are inserted from the side of this machine. These mills are very aggressive in functioning and are actively used for crushing heavy particles. This hammer milling technology uses small scrap grinders and pallet grinders to crush the heavy particles.
  5. Lump Breakers: You will not find any swinging hammers in the lump breaker equipment. It has a small hammer fixed to the shaft’s structure. The material is forced into this equipment to smoothen it to the desired particle size. This equipment is used in cement, sugar, and dry chemical industries.