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How to Select the Right Roller Compactor for Dry Granulation

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In the pharmaceutical business, a roller compactor is a device that is frequently used for both the production of tablets and the filling of capsules and sachets with powder. The objective of this machine is to agglomerate the powder so that the active components and the excipients create evenly-sized granules. Between the rotating rollers, the powder gets precision grinding and crushing. Finding the ideal roller compactors for dry granulation to satisfy your exact needs is essential. The characteristics and engineering of it must be taken into consideration.

The process of dry granulation

The application is the same, regardless of how much the characteristics of the roller compactor machine may vary. Instead of the outdated technique of slugging, pharmaceutical companies now dry granulate tablets using roller compactor machines. You can watch how active materials are loaded into a facility run by a manufacturer of roller compactor machines so that the textured press rollers can grind the contents into a fine powder. The equally sized grains of the crushed powder are commonly referred to as ‘flakes’ or ‘ribbons’, depending on the context.

Currently, there are very few competitors in the pharmaceutical industry that have irregular bulk qualities, thanks to the use of roller compactor machines. Additionally, the equipment has guaranteed improved performance in the production of capsules and tablets. The density of the processed powders is mostly decreased with the aid of roller compaction.

When purchasing roller compactors for dry granulation from a manufacturer, pay attention to the TCO, the machine’s appropriateness for processing the intended chemicals, and if it can withstand high containment production. To accomplish a certain application, the roller compactor must take into account the technical criteria. You can always ask the manufacturer to run a demo for you so that you can understand the working mechanism perfectly.