6 Ways to Pick Out a Dog Boarding Facility

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Pet Care

Trips help you unwind and relax. But if you’re going away on a holiday and leaving your dog behind, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right dog boarding facility in NYC. Check out this go-to list of tips before you hire one:

Take a Tour of the Facilities
If they won’t let you, that’s a clear sign that they’re clearly hiding something. You and your dog will be better off going for help elsewhere.

Check for Smells
If the facility reeks of bad smells, you’ll want to head out the door right away. Smells could mean they don’t properly sanitize the facility and that’s not the kind of boarder you’ll want for your pet.

Ask about the Holding Limit
There should be a limit to how many dogs the kennel can hold. While it’s common to house dogs of the same family together, they shouldn’t put your dog in with other dogs especially if yours is aggressive, shy or wary.

Meet Up with the Staff
Ask about the staff on duty and meet up with them. It’s best to get a solid gauge on the people who are going to provide for the needs of your pet while you’re away. Are they competent? Do they have the proper training and credentials? Make sure you find out, says Pet Guide.

Look for Medical Training
If your pet gets sick, it’s best to pick a dog boarding facility in NYC with a vet on call. That way, there will be someone there to stay on top of the emergency and make sure your pet receives the treatment he needs.

Go with Your Gut
If there’s anything that seems off or fishy in some way, if you have a bad feeling about the boarder or just can’t seem to shake off a general sense that something’s wrong, trust your instincts. Look for another boarder.

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