3 Things to Know About Reverse Mortgages

by | Dec 12, 2016 | business services

If you are over the age of 62 and have found yourself in need of funds, you may have given thought to the potential benefits of getting a reverse mortgage for senior. Before you make the decision to apply for this type of loan, here are some factors you should probably consider.


Determining your eligibility for a loan will generally be a rather simple and straightforward process. If you are older than 62, own your home, and live in it as your primary residence, there is a good chance you may be eligible. There might also be some guidelines regarding the condition and upkeep of your house. A lender can probably work with you to help determine eligibility in your unique situation.


This type of loans may be able to eliminate your monthly mortgage payments. When you receive the funds from your reverse mortgage, you might find that you have more money on hand for covering expenses, paying bills and much more.


One of the advantages of a reverse mortgage is the fact that, generally, it will not need to be repaid until you no longer live in the house. The process of repayment is likely to begin once you move out or sell the home. You may also need to begin repayment if the property deteriorates beyond a certain point, or if you fail to pay property taxes or insurance costs.

Weighing the Benefits

At certain times during your retirement years, you may find that you need extra funds available to cover bills or expenses. A reverse mortgage for senior citizens may be one thing that can help you accomplish this goal, and the money will generally not need to be repaid for as long as you occupy your house. You can talk to a lender to determine whether or not you are eligible.

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