What is X-Ray Fluorescence, Learn More about XRF Technology

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Business

X-Ray fluorescence is highly popular right now because it is easily accessible, has lower initial costs, is easy to use, and requires little preparation of the samples. XRF technology can be used in a variety of ways, but many people still aren’t sure what it is or why it’s useful.

What Is It?

When atoms absorb enough energy light waves (x-rays or photons), the inner part of the electron gets excited and is removed fully. The inner shell remains and becomes filled with electrons from the outer shell. Both shells now have different energies and excess energy, which comes out as radiation or fluorescence. The elements and energy differences for that particular material are always the same, which means you can tell what you are looking at by taking a small sample.

Benefits of Such Technology

Many XRF technology users don’t reap all the benefits they could from their systems. Those who are new to such technology may not even realize what they can do and achieve.

For one, the equipment itself is highly versatile and can be used anywhere. If you choose the portable version, you can take it with you down a mine or otherwise use it where it is necessary. You don’t have to remove samples and send them to the surface because you can handle it all from one spot.

Another benefit is the fact that the cost to obtain the x-ray tubes is less compared with other technologies. While upfront costs are likely to be high, they aren’t as high as with other options. Plus, the technology requires little upkeep and costs less to operate.

X-Ray fluorescence is essential for a variety of applications and industries. Visit Micro X-Ray at https://microxray.com to learn more about XRF technology.

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