Why Order From an Injection Molding Company in Saskatchewan

by | Nov 18, 2022 | Business

Plastic injection molding is a process where molten plastic is carefully injected into pre-designed molds. Ultimately, the mold is cooled and the final part is ejected. The process is highly repeatable, allowing high volumes of plastic parts to be created.

If your company could benefit from working with an injection molding company in Saskatchewan, then Koenders MFG is the way to go. You can create the perfect, efficient injection molding to meet your standards.

Tight Tolerances

One of the best reasons to go with an injection molding company in Saskatchewan is that it allows for large volumes of complex, uniform parts. There are a few factors to consider – gate and vent placement, corner transition, wall thickness, boss and rib design, weld lines, and more – that can help for a better process.

Through injection molding, it is possible to achieve repeatable tolerances of 0.020”, sometimes even as tight as 0.005”. That is the kind of precision that can’t be replicated.

Usable for Many Colors and Materials

The cool thing about using an injection molding company in Saskatchewan is that it is compatible with silicones, resins, thermosets, and thermoplastics. That means being able to find the proper balance of mechanical, physical, and chemical properties.

Whatever your need may be, having the help of the right injection molding company can go a long way. Meet those tight tolerances and have confidence every step of the way with an injection molding company today.

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