Why 4c Hair Needs Different Moisturizers Than Other Textures in Georgia

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Hair Care

When you consider natural hair types, the 4c texture is the most tightly coiled in comparison to all others. Because of these intricate twists, 4c hair is typically dryer, has tremendous shrinkage, and is more likely to break. To correctly care for this kind of hair, you will need patience and the right products to handle its delicate nature. Below are the reasons why 4c hair needs different moisturizers than other hair textures.

Must Fight Shrinkage and Tangles

When natural hair shrinks, it goes from being lengthy and stretched to a tighter, deeply compacted coil. When this happens, it is completely normal and is a sign that your hair is healthy, well-hydrated, and has terrific resiliency. Sadly, these tight spirals can often result in more tangles within your hair. To combat these snarls, you should keep your hair conditioned with a moisturizer for 4c hair.

Increased Dryness

The beautiful tight curls of 4c hair make it harder for oils from your scalp to saturate your tresses. The intricate patterns often prevent the natural lubricate from reaching from the root to the tips. Because of this, you will see 4c hair as dry, brittle, and easily broken. With the right moisturizer for 4c hair, you will see enhanced curls and increased length that lasts for quite a while.

When you are having trouble with your texture, a moisturizer for 4c hair will give you the improvements you need. Find the products you need from Texture My Way.

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