Where Food Manufacturers & Restaurants Get Fresh Oysters in Charleston, SC

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Foods

Fresh seafood is the only way to ensure that your various seafood recipes and specialty dishes will retain the desired nutrients and taste that people expect at the end of the day. Learn where major food manufacturers and restaurants that specialize in seafood go to get fresh oysters in Charleston, SC.

Why Seafood Freshness Matters

Seafood that isn’t properly stored can result in loss of wanted flavors and may even become dangerous if the seafood becomes contaminated with harmful pathogens as a result.

How It All Began Just 4 Generations Back

This part of South Carolina began as a small fishing village that started with a small population of just a few families and has jumped from about 1,000 people 75 years ago to its just under 100,000 population here today. Fish, shrimp and other seafood is caught right here in the waters of this low-country region. As always, every customer is treated to the old-fashioned southern hospitality and customer service that southerners are well-known for across the southern states.

Reasons to Serve Fresh & Tasty Oysters for an Upcoming Event

There are many different varieties of seafood. Some prefer dishes made with fresh oysters from a Charleston, SC, family-owned and operated business for over 75 years and still going strong. Customers can even hire the staff to cater an upcoming event. Many people in the community love the catered feast of a traditional oyster roast served with fresh ingredients and delicious sides.

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