What to Look for in Stick-on Clothing Labels

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Labels

Are you looking for the perfect labels to identify your child’s clothing? In the past, individuals often chose iron-on or sew-in labels. These tags usually didn’t last long or were challenging to apply correctly. Today, many parents choose stick-on clothing labels. If you’re looking for clothing labels, look for the following.

Design Variety

Each child has unique preferences. Some children are pickier than others. Regardless of your child’s likes, you must find stick-on clothing labels that match their preferences. When searching for labels for their clothing, ask them to choose the designs they want. Children participating in the process will feel pride in their clothing labeled with tags they picked.

Quality Materials

Another consideration for choosing the best stick-on clothing labels is their durability. You must find tags made from a solid material that won’t rip or wear down after washing. In addition to the material used for the labels, choose tags that use high-quality ink that won’t fade or wear out over time. You want clothing labels to last as long as the clothes fit your child.

Strong Adhesive

Stick-on clothing labels should have a strong adhesive that holds well with any fabric. You simply peel off the backing and press the label in place. After 24 hours, you should be able to wash and dry the clothing as usual. You won’t have to worry about the tag coming out before you’re ready.

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