What to Do When Your Client Requires Support for a Special Handling Project

by | Jan 3, 2023 | Equipment

You have diligently performed all the maintenance tasks instructed in your forklift operating manual to help ensure optimal performance. Through the years, the standard attachment has supported many applications. However, your new client requires you to provide complete services not typically associated with the distribution services you offer, causing you to hire more employees to support this particular project. But, wait. How can you maintain profit margins with a new army of support staff without risking exposure to liabilities?

How to Turn Your Forklift into a Versatile System

More employees may equate to higher costs when it comes to your daily operations. Here is a tip. You can leverage the power of your forklift by turning it into a versatile system. But, how? You should search for top-quality refurbished forklift attachments for sale from a reputable supplier. Attachments like push-pulls, clamps, compressed air dryers, and others can help support plenty of applications, providing a means to efficiently and effectively reduce costs while saving time.

Refurbished Versus New

You can certainly acquire new attachments, but the best-refurbished forklift attachments for sale will provide you with a cost-saving solution both short-term and long-term. Special projects may be few and far between. For this reason, utilizing refurbished attachments will be advantageous.

Need More Forklifts and Other Equipment?

Maybe acquiring used or refurbished attachments will be beneficial are now searching for a company that offers refurbished attachments and used forklifts for sale to supplement your facility’s equipment inventory. Contact Russell Equipment, Inc. They have served many clients, offering only top-notch used and refurbished equipment from forklifts, attachments, batteries, and chargers to reach trucks, order pickers, and much more with rental services available. So, when searching for a one-stop shop for used forklifts for sale and other equipment, they are the ones to turn to for support. Visit https://www.russellequipment.com/ today.

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