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Veterinary Technology Degree, Riverside

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Do you have deep love and respect for animals and would love to care for them and provide them comfort in the best possible way? Then a veterinary technology degree is a career choice that you should consider. At Platt College, we help you explore your passion with our veterinary technology degree in Riverside. Afterward, you can work under a licensed veterinarian’s supervision while helping diagnose illnesses and injuries.

Professional Requirements for Veterinary Technicians

The first step to becoming a veterinary technician is to take a degree program in veterinary technology. This program usually takes up to two years, but at institutions like Platt College, you can complete the training in only 19 months. While pursuing this program, you will learn about animal welfare, including animal pharmacology and veterinary hospital management.

Why Choose Platt College, Riverside?

Pursuing the course is not enough. The organization’s reputation that will offer you the course is what matters. The main requirement to become licensed in veterinary technology is to pursue it at an institution accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Platte College offers more than this. After taking your state exams, a significant step in licensure, our college provides you with career services and assists in your job search.

Our Curriculum

The veterinary program curriculum is designed to ensure the best performance in the field. It focuses on surgery, nursing, dentistry, nutrition, animal anatomy, clinical pathology, and radiology. During the delivery of this program, we also ensure that you are equipped with veterinary management skills and technology.

What Are the Duties of a Veterinarian Technician?

The curriculum prepares you to assist veterinarians in providing medical care to animals. During this time, you will record patient histories, provide vaccinations, prepare the patient for examination or surgery, take vital signs and blood samples, and perform technical laboratory procedures like urinalysis and blood counts.

What Are the Employment Opportunities for A Veterinarian Technician?

Being a veterinary technician opens the door to career opportunities in Private Practices and companion-animal facilities. You will treat dogs, pets, rabbits, rodents, and even reptiles at these facilities. Other institutions that you can also work in are biomedical research laboratories, drug and feed manufacturing companies, animal shelters, and humane organizations.

Is Pursuing a Veterinarian Technology Degree a Good Choice?

Absolutely; becoming a vet tech is an excellent way to make a respectable living. The minimum wage for a vet tech in a year is about $37,000, or an hourly average of $17.43. However, these salaries will vary according to education, location, and experience. The career also offers you job security and various opportunities in the field.

Find Your Passion in Veterinary Technology

Reach out to us and start your journey as a veterinary technician. With a balanced career approach at Platt College, you can be sure to work in the veterinary office, animal hospital, laboratory, and humane society upon completing our program.