The Value of Being Clearly Fit with a Fitness Microphone

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Business

Fitness professionals may be well trained in the physical needs of clients, but they are not clearly fit to lead a class without a good microphone system. Members are apt to complain, “I couldn’t hear. Her instructions were muffled. His screaming hurt my ears.” If you have ever been in a fitness class with these problems, you have likely made those statements.

Safety Issues.

When students cannot hear instructions, there may be safety issues. Exercises must be done carefully as to not overextend or injure muscles. Likewise, the instructor may strain her voice if sound equipment is unfit for the task at hand. Quality fitness instructor headsets are essential to meet the demands of today’s gyms. Instructors must “master the mic” for their own safety and that of their students, according to

Sharing Your Fitness Expertise

The expertise of instructors is valuable, but only if they are able to share it clearly with their students. With a good microphone, instructors won’t need to yell. In a demanding regimen of cardio, having strained vocal cords when short of breath makes instruction less understandable. Instructors should be able to give instructions at a conversational volume for safety, understandability and demonstrate professionalism.

Clearly Fit by Design

Fitness instructor headsets should be designed specifically for the fitness industry for four reasons according to

  1. Help your students hear.
  2. Match your environment.
  3. Be most comfortable.
  4. Save you money.

Headsets that are clearly fit should have great sound quality, be durable, dependable and cost effective. Beyond these basics, though, being clearly fit includes safety, comfort and creating a professional environment that meets the expectations of gym members. It allows the students to remain excited, engaged and enthused about the overall fitness experience. Without it, you may end up losing more students than you would like.

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