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Understanding Play Diamond Gold

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Play Diamond Gold is a popular platform in India that offers lottery tickets. With the legalization of betting, there has been an increase in online betting. Given the low investment required to play on this online lottery platform, it’s not surprising how popular it is. Here’s more on this lottery station.

How to play

The first step is opening the Play Diamond Gold website and selecting the lottery you want to play. After picking the lotteries, you want to play, select the numbers to bet on or use the random number generator. You place your bet on any combination and select the Play Diamond coupon. Next, purchase the tickets, enter your payment data and wait for the results.

Most lotteries work in a simple way. The standard games are played with a pool of serial numbers, which, if they match the ones you chose, you win. You submit your bet on any one or more numbers in the ABCDEF series inside out. If you want to play the pairing game, you can submit your bet in pairs, anything between 00-99.

Play Diamond Gold results are published every 15 minutes. The first number is matched with the inside while the second one is matched on the inside and outside. If your bet matches the result, you win.

Can you get discounts?

Play Diamond Gold offers various promos and discounts to entice and reward players. You can get several coupon options under the Play Diamond Gold lottery. Each one costs about Rs.11.

Play Diamond Gold coupons include:

•R K Loyal
•Chandni Delux
•Gold Star
If you have some extra money left, invest it in the coupons listed above.

Winnings Taxation

If you play this lottery and win, you are subject to paying a 30% tax. The government considers any amount won as income, and a 10% surcharge will be collected.