Types of Fishing in San Francisco Bay

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Fishing

San Francisco is known as the fog city. However, there are several fish available in this fishing bay. So, when you visit, where and how you cast your line depends on your preference. Here are some commonly used types of fishing to help you explore.

Pier Fishing

San Francisco city is popular for its many piers. When you start from Embarcadero Street, Fisherman’s Wharf first and Pier 39. In addition, don’t focus so much on these as there are many more. In San Francisco, there are anglers lined up and down the piers, all hoping to catch the variety of fish in this area.

The most interesting part is that you can do fishing in San Francisco Bay both day and night while enjoying a fantastic seafood meal. Additionally, you don’t have to panic about the fee charged for fishing because it’s free, and no fishing license is needed. After fishing around pier 7, you go to pier 39 for shopping and visit some sea lions.

Surf Fishing

Most locals in San Francisco love going to the beach for a quite enjoyable day and some fishing. In this city, you can go to the beach at any time of the year, and you will always find something to catch. That’s the reason why surf fishing is popular in San Francisco.

In this city, there are different species of fish to catch, but the most common is surf perch. Fishers like this type of fish as it is tasty and can easily be cooked on a grill at the beach. In addition, you can also catch the leopard sharks, striped bass, nice halibut, white sea bass and even salmon. Also, you don’t need a lot to have a good day as you fish while surfing. You only need spinning gear, a cooler and patience to have a great day surf fishing.

If you love the beach and enjoy fishing, San Francisco is the place for you. It makes a great city for a vacation, fishing and should be one of the places on our bucket list. Its uniqueness and different fishing experiences will mesmerize you Delta Fishing Charters.

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