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If you like to try new foods and have a taste for exotic flavors, consider our pickled quail eggs Macon GA. Our quails are raised in a free-range style and are local to Georgia. We take good care of the quails so that they produce healthy eggs that are tasty and ready to eat. The pickled eggs have a long shelf life and make a great addition to your food storage or pantry.

Many people have never tried pickled eggs before now. Quail eggs are also an unusual food, and you may be surprised to discover that they contain an ideal amount of protein to satisfy your hunger. They also include many nutrients that your body can use. If you are on a low-carb diet, you could give our pickled quail eggs a try. The savory flavors are ideal for a discerning palate.

We recommend taking our pickled quail eggs with you when you are on a camping trip. A jar of the eggs is an ideal way to enjoy protein without having to cook. They are ready to eat without any preparation required. The pickled quail eggs could also be used as an ingredient or chopped and added to a salad, soup or sandwich. We suggest that you try them with a dash of cayenne pepper for a bit of spice. Ranch flavoring or a dash of mayo also makes a great addition to this rather exotic and tasty food.

When you are interested in trying a new food, consider our pickled quail eggs Macon GA. They are compatible with gluten-free diets as well as paleo and Atkins styles of eating. In order to learn more about our products or our company, give us at Stripling’s a call today or visit us online at for more information.