Top Considerations When Choosing a SIP Service Provider

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Business

The major benefit of using VoIP technology is that two users with an Internet connection are able to talk to each other for no cost at all. Things get a bit more complicated when one of those users wants to speak to someone who has traditional phone service. That’s where having the best SIP service provider can offer a solution. SIP allows those two users to connect without a lot of extra hassle. But selecting the right company can be complicated, so we have some suggestions.

Security is a Top Priority

Most of the individuals looking for the best SIP service provider are doing so for business. Because of that, security is of the utmost importance. You should also do some digging to see what features a company offers to give you peace of mind in this regard. For instance, many SIP providers offer transport-layer security or secure real-time transport protocol which can prevent denial-of-service attacks. You should also consider whether the provider offers call barring, credit limits, and anti-fraud monitoring.

Pricing is Key

Another thing that often comes up is the pricing model for a specific SIP provider. Of course, any person looking for a service wants to save money. In many cases, SIP trunking is offered on a port-based model where you pay a certain fee based on the calls your business typically makes. However, there are also user-based pricing models where you pay for each person on a trunk. Consider your options and which makes the most sense for you.

Robust Control Panel

One of the benefits of SIP is that you don’t have to dial someone up to manage phone numbers of purchase new lines. The best providers out there will have a control panel that lets you take care of that as often as you’d like. You can discontinue service or change your service options anytime you want. You should also look for the option to modify your billing preferences and to export your data records at any time for your own convenience.

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