Tips On How To Buy Safety Cabinets For Your Work Site

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Environmental Consultant

As a business owner, the health and safety of your staff and customers is important. Keeping yourself, your staff, and your consumers safe may involve investing in storage solutions for your dangerous or potentially hazardous chemicals. Australian law requires the installation of these cabinets in worksites across the country. Even in situations that do not legally mandate safe storage solutions, they are still a wise investment. These tips on how to buy safety cabinets for your work site will help you find the right piece of equipment.

Tip #1: Think About Current And Future Use

You should look into purchasing these types of cabinets before you bring any harmful or hazardous chemicals on site. However, it is important carefully consider and anticipate the type of materials your site will need and the quantity. There are a variety of different safe storage options available, suitable for slightly different chemicals and slightly different purposes. For example, you can find cabinets specifically designed to handle corrosive materials in a way that a cabinet designed to handle flammable ones cannot. Knowing the type of protection you need, and how much of it is required, will help guarantee you get the right item.

Tip #2: Consider Function

Safety is paramount when it comes to this type cabinet purchase of this type. However, it is also important to consider functionality. The chemicals you store in these cabinets need to be easily assessable so look for functional features such as adjustable shelves, latching doors, and hinges that won’t easily rust.

Tip #3: Look For Compliance

Not all safety cabinets are made equal. Cabinets available from reputable safety equipment suppliers will clearly note that they are compliant with all relevant safety legislation. Take a quick look at your industry’s minimum standards, and be sure to purchase a cabinet that is in clear compliance with those regulations. Call Ecospill or visit our website for more information.

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