Tips for More Impressive Precision Machining

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Business

High tolerance machining requires precision tools and skills. In addition, exact work is vital for machining and fabrication for the medical and aerospace industry. So how can you improve the process and provide more impressive finishes? These helpful tips just may provide the answer.

Eliminate Built Up Edge

When machining with single edge cutting tools, BUE or built up edge can be a real problem. But what exactly is BUE? Built up edge is a buildup of material from the machining process, collecting on the tip of the cutting edge of tools. As this buildup increases it may become unstable and possibly break up. This can ruin an otherwise quality produced precision part. So how can this problem be reduced or eliminated?

  • Raise cutting speed – at faster speeds, buildup can be drastically reduced.
  • Don’t cut so deeply – deep cuts are known to contribute to buildup. In fact, it may be best to make more than one cut, than to try and do it all in one machining process.
  • Use the sharpest possible tools – sharp precision tools provide the best protection against a number of defects. This is why one should always use carbide tipped tools or tools with a special finish.
  • Lower the rake angle – this could mean making more than one cut, but can reduce buildup and increase quality.
  • Use high quality cutting fluid – the best cutting fluids give you the most lubrication and least amount of friction, resulting in a better finish.

Benefits of BUE Reduction

When you reduce buildup, you can increase the life of your precision tools. In addition, shop efficiency can be improved because less power is required. You can put out higher quality work pieces because you limit work hardening. In addition, your machinists will have more control over the process of metalworking.

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