This Alcoholic Organic Tea Promises You a Good Time – And a Healthy One

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Brewery

You have never been to a brewery quite like this one before. This brewery in Santa Fe, NM, does not brew beer. It brews tea! This naturally derived alcoholic tea is a fresh change of pace from the ales that typical breweries serve. Though these beverages are alcoholic, they are still crafted with health in mind. The teas are brewed in a way that creates probiotic cultures to protect and stabilize your body’s internal ecosystem.

The teas at this brewery in Santa Fe, NM, are not meant to be drunk seriously while you mull over the notes and flavors. This beverage is meant to be part of a good time. It encourages warmth and togetherness. This is a celebratory drink, not a serious one, though a great deal of thought goes into creating it. The tea is brewed from organic honey and flavored with carefully chosen botanicals and herbs. Just like natural honey, some of the teas are light and fresh. Others are sweet and fruity. Some have green floral notes. The house and hibiscus blends start with a base of real tea, oolong, and green respectively, and are gradually brightened and broadened with honey, flowers, and fruit until the flavor has been perfected. The lavender blend combines herbal lavender with jasmine and sharp citrus. The menu may be small, but it shows just how much care the brewers put into their craft. They would not offer a beverage that was not perfected.

To read the menu and learn more about this one-of-a-kind experience,

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