Things To Know Before Considering Humminbird Depth Finders

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Business

A fish finder allows you to see the fish and structure of the area that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. Many people consider Humminbird depth finders, but it’s important to understand how to choose one before purchasing to ensure that you find one that will work correctly and be what you need.


Many people select a fish finder because they want help with their fishing or they’re looking for particular fish. However, there are seemingly thousands of features and options available, including pixels, wattage, transducers, screen size and more. However, one feature that you should always consider is the GPS.

For one thing, it offers guidance to get back home or get to a safe area and can provide you with coordinates if you require assistance. You can also use it to make your maps and save them. However, they may cost more.

Sonar Type

Humminbird depth finders work by using sonar. The two most common types are side and down scan. Down-scan varieties will broadcast the signal below the boat while side-scan options transmit in a fan-like angle down and around the sides of the vessel.

However, you can also find a third option, which combines both side and down scan capabilities into one unit.


The portable fish finder is becoming increasingly popular because it is cheaper and can be moved around as needed. While this may be the best choice for you, don’t consider it solely based on the cost.

Likewise, portable Humminbird depth finders have many uses and a multipurpose transducer. You won’t need to consider installation, and they’re less expensive. However, they may also be inconsistent with all the moving around you’ll do, and could be unstable for higher speeds. Therefore, it’s best to consider what type of boating/fishing you’ll do before determining if you need portability.

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