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Our pizza is a must-eat for anyone who enjoys authentic Italian food, especially pizza with a thin crust. In the middle of Treviso, you’ll find our outlet, a pizzeria serving traditional Italian pizza with basic, yet satisfying toppings.

Here, we think that delicious cuisine should also be healthy and nutritious. Everything you put on your pizza, from the dough to the sauce to the cheese, is made fresh right there in our kitchen.

We have two convenient sites in the Davie and Hollywood, Florida areas. We offer thin crust Italian pizza in Davie FL on the Davie site. In addition to our traditional Margherita pizza, we also offer Pizza con Gamberi e Rucola as an alternative (shrimp and arugula pizza).

Our Thin Crust Pizza in Hollywood FL is offered with a unique twist and is our specialty at our Hollywood restaurant. The thin crust pizza in Hollywood FL contains exotic ingredients that will transport your taste sensations when making our pizzas. One of our specialties is a fig and goat cheese pizza called Pizza with Fichi e Formaggio di Capra, or you can choose a traditional Four Cheese Pizza (four cheese pizza).

We offer delivery and takeaway services so that you may enjoy our pizzas even if you are unable to visit one of our restaurants.

If you’re a fan of authentic thin crust Italian pizza in Davie FL, you really must stop by our outlet. Italian cuisine at its finest is now available in both Davie and Hollywood, Florida. Make sure to pass by Piola to have the full experience, and to get more information visit them. To experience the difference for yourself, place an order right now.