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The Necessity of Having Liability Automobile Insurance in San Jose

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Having liability Automobile Insurance in San Jose is essential. The coverage is required by law and if a driver is caught not having insurance, a variety of consequences can occur. The driver’s license might be suspended for up to a year. The vehicle may be impounded until proof of insurance is provided. In addition, a hefty financial penalty may come with the citation.
Drivers might assume they will never be caught because they drive carefully and never get any traffic citations. However, unexpected incidents can develop that result in a police officer asking to see proof of insurance. For example, another driver might run a red light and collide with the person’s vehicle. Even though the individual wasn’t responsible for the accident, the officer will still want to view the license and proof of insurance.

In addition, liability Automobile Insurance protects the owner from financial ruin if he or she ever causes an accident. Injured persons may file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver, which likely would result in a judge ordering that driver to sell assets and liquidate bank accounts to pay compensation. People who don’t own real estate or expensive vehicles and don’t have much in the way of savings may assume that they are not at risk of losing anything. However, a judge may order wage garnishment that can continue for years until the individual has paid the amount of compensation due. The only methods this person might use to avoid wage garnishment involve working only for cash or refusing to work at all. These are not suitable strategies for most people, especially if they have to support a family.

All in all, it makes more sense to buy liability insurance from an agency such as Coast Auto Insurance Services that can be contacted through the website . If the consumer isn’t paying off a car loan, there’s no requirement to have collision or comprehensive coverage. Liability insurance, typically, is very affordable, although the person should carefully consider how limited an amount of insurance he or she wants to carry. An independent agent can answer questions and provide more insight into this particular topic.

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