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Teen’s Guide to Driving

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Obtaining a driver’s license is one of the most important chapters in a teenager’s life, and it can be an exciting time full of changes and new responsibilities. For a teen to start getting into the driving world, they must first go through a series of steps to obtain a permit and take driving courses. This guide is an outline of the step-by-step process a teen goes through in Chicago to apply for a new license.

Teens are fully equipped with all of the knowledge and resources that make them capable of being good drivers – especially when they know where and how to start the process.

Steps to Obtaining a Proper License

Teenagers must go through several steps to obtain their official driver’s license, and they will learn and obtain more as they grow older. The same set of rules applies to those who are moving into Chicago from out of state, and must exchange their driver’s license for a new one:

  • Have proper proof of identity, which includes Social Security number, proof of residency, proof of date, and proof of name
  • Pass a vision test
  • Pass a written DMV test
  • Pass a driving test

The Illinois Graduated Driver Licensing Program

The Illinois GDL program is a program set up for teens to obtain more privileges and rights as they pass certain milestones, and as they grow older. The GDL program is present in most states, with Illinois being one of them.

The steps of the GDL program consist of first obtaining a learner’s permit, which typically allows a teenager to get behind the wheel only if an adult age 18 or higher is in the passenger seat next to them. Secondly, the teenager must attend and complete a driver’s education program. Then, they will receive a provisional license. After taking the driving test, they will receive a full Illinois driver’s license.

The Steps to Completing Driver’s Education

Driver’s ed in Illinois is eligible for teens under the age of 17 years and three months old. Driver’s ed typically consists of 30 classroom hours, and six in-car hours with an instructor in the passenger seat.

If you are a teen, or your child is a teen, and they are ready to start the steps to obtaining a driver’s license, they can sign up with Nova Driving to take advantage of our full courses today. Our Chicago range traffic teen permits program is fully equipped to give teenagers all of the tools they need to get on the road safely and knowledgeably.