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Solidify Your Brand with Large Format Printing in Atlanta, GA

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Large format printing opens up branding options for your company. Do you need a large banner for a trade show? Do you want to stake in yard signs at homes you are renovating so the neighbors can see? As a business owner, you know brand advertisement is essential in generating sales. Large format printing is a quick way to get your brand onto large and irregular surfaces.

What Is Large Format Printing?

Digital printing is categorized by size. Large format printing includes any printed graphics between 18 inches and 120 inches in size. Poster-sized and larger images are large format printing. Once you exceed 120 inches, digital printing companies call this category “grand format.” Large format digital printing is used for posters, signs, banners, wallpapers, back-drops, yard signs, and most architectural blueprints.

Large Format Printing In Atlanta, GA requires either roll printers or flatbed printers. The best large format printing services have both printers. A roll printer is used if you need a graphic on a flexible material such as vinyl or bendable plastic. A company will use a flatbed printer for rigid surfaces such as wood, metal, cardboard, paper, and foam board.

What Are the Benefits of Large Format Printing?

Large format printing in Atlanta, GA will fulfill your print needs quickly. If you require offset printing, the wait is much longer to receive the product and often more expensive. Your digital images will match your prints exactly. Digital printing also guarantees the color will match on any surface. For example, if your logo utilizes an off shade of red, the digital image you print will match this color. Attempting to print large logos or brand signs at home may cause discoloration affecting the aesthetics of your brand.