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Selecting The Ideal Outdoor Banner Stands

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Outdoor advertising offers a wealth of possibilities for companies and businesses of all sizes. With durable banners made of vinyl, polyester, and canvas these signs can last for years. However, with their lower cost for custom designs, they are also a great choice for a single use at an event.

Of course, along with the right banners, it will be important to choose the ideal outdoor banner stands. As these banner stands will have to stand up to different environmental issues that the models used indoors, here are a few particular design elements that should be carefully considered.

Size of the Banner

The larger the banner, the larger and more carefully constructed the banner stand has to be. For the large size banners, outdoor wall stands are a great option. They are made out of durable aluminum with high strength to weight ratio, so they are lightweight to transport between uses without giving up any strength in the frame.

For smaller types of banners, there are different outdoor banner stands that can be used. These can include single or double-sided options that provide the option of displaying one or two sides and images.

Pole stands are also a good option for the flag types of banners. These will be designed for a specific style of flag or banner from the popular feather styles to the more traditional pole flag models.


With the pole types of stands, stability can be achieved through the use of spikes, cross bases or heavy square bases. The type of stability base will largely be a consideration of the surface. For ground, the spikes are a simple option. For concrete or otherwise finished surfaces, a cross base or a solid square base can be used.

For both the flags and the more traditional types of outdoor banner stands, water filled weights can be used on the base. These are designed specifically for the stand hardware and give stability to stand up even in wind and rain situations, which is always an essential consideration with outdoor signage.