The Right Training Can Lead to an Exciting Career in the Pet Care Industry

by | May 25, 2017 | Business

For anyone that has ever dreamed of gaining a career working with pets can make their dream a reality. A pet grooming school in Great Falls, MT can provide the training required to be a professional pet groomer. From bathing to blending, an all-inclusive program will provide the skills required to work with a variety of dog breeds. Future stylists will learn how to properly handle the dogs and the safety measures required to prevent an injury while grooming a pet. A unique training program that offers step by step instructions that allow a groomer to meet their full potential in providing pet grooming services.

Benefits of a Pet Grooming Career

  • There is a high demand for certified pet groomers and a small supply of professional stylist.
  • A great opportunity for any pet lover to have a rewarding career working with dogs.
  • The possibilities are endless when you select to be a professional pet groomer.
  • Students can open their own grooming service or gain employment with pet grooming company.
  • Pet grooming school in Great Falls, MT offers training for current stylists to gain the skills required to provide additional services to their clients.
  • Pet stylists can contribute to the health care required to keep a pet happy and healthy.

One-On-One Training

Happy Tails Lodge offers the Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy to students looking for a career in the pet care industry. Their eight-week program has been developed over the last 40 years to bring high-quality dog grooming services for pet owners. Students will receive hands-on training as they gain the knowledge required to be a skilled dog groom. Highly-trained instructors will work with each student to ensure they fully understand the techniques required to provide pet grooming services.

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