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Reminders If You’re Working from Home

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In the wake of the pandemic, few employees are now willing to compromise on their work-life balance. Many companies have now offered flexible work-from-home solutions to keep their staff happy. If you’re one of them, here’s what you need to know.

Invest in an Office Chair

Working from bed or your couch will lose its appeal very quickly. While those make for a good change now and then, you’ll need a dedicated workstation if you want to concentrate on your deadlines and reports. A good office chair is necessary is something you can’t do without.

Look at Features

You’ll be spending a lot of time working at your desk, so pick a lumbar support chair in Singapore. That will reduce the strain and muscles aches. Are there other features that offer support like armrests? What about the backrest? Is it adjustable? Check before you put in an order for that chair.

Work from the Right Height

Hunching over your laptop is a huge no-no. That will put strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. Not even a good ergonomic chair can prevent all that strain, so practice good posture whenever you can.

Don’t Dangle Your Feet

If your feet dangle from your office chair, that’s going to put stress on your lumbar spine. Put a few books that you can step on, or a mini-chair. That, or you might want to switch to a chair that’s of the right height for you.

Customize That Space

Decorate the space that you want to use as a dedicated workstation. Put everything you need by the desk or within easy reach. That way, you can work, reach over for any of the supplies, and still stay focused on work.

Take Breaks

Be sure to take breaks every few hours. Get up and walk around the room. Rest your eyes and stretch your legs.