Protecting a business with security cameras

by | May 5, 2022 | Security

Many business owners are finding that installing Louisville KY security systems CCTV cameras are a good way to provide protection from intruders. Cameras can be purchased in from improvement stores, online or from professional security companies who install them as part of a fully integrated system. There are a number of different cameras available, some with rather exotic features but most people find that a basic camera provides enough detail and clarity to get the job done.

The objective of security cameras is twofold; camera installation is a deterrent to a potential thief but if the burglar does go ahead and break into your facility, he will be captured on tape which will aid the authorities in apprehending him.

There are several types of cameras that can be used for surveillance:

Dome camera: A dome camera has a domed shape and is usually installed on the ceiling in the corner of a room. Inside the dome is a pan and tilt camera that constantly sweeps the area of about 90 degrees. These cameras are ideal because the darkened dome does not allow anyone to know what direction the camera is pointing at any given time.

Bullet cameras: These cameras are very popular as they can be installed outdoors as well as inside. These cameras usually can be manually operated in the event you wish to see something in particular; they also can track and object using infra red and motion detectors. These cameras can be fitted with different lenses which can provide a long or short focal length.

A great feature of bullet cameras is the fact they can be purchased as wireless units. This feature allows the business owner to install them with little or no fuss and because there is no tell-tale wire running to it, an intruder will often miss it and allow himself to be captured on disc or tape.

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