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Options That can Open When you Earn a Master’s Degree in Arts Administration

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Earning a masters in arts administration allows an individual to work in many fields. This degree is valuable in the private, public, and government sectors. It involves a combination of creativity and business knowledge. Here are four things to know about this administrative work.


The employer might ask you to manage auxiliary personnel, plan events, or run fundraisers. Some administrators will need to do some public speaking, while others will work entirely behind the scenes.


With a degree in this subject, a person could move into consulting work. You may become an independent contractor and set your pay and schedule, or an established gallery might hire you. Administrative art consultants cover a lot of ground, including strategic presentations, brand building, and art development programs.

Private and Public

With a masters in arts administration, graduates can venture into traditional public settings, such as museums, associations, and conservatories. When it comes to private clients, entrepreneurs might find employment with private parties seeking to raise money or individual foundations.


Art administrators work around the globe, and the size of a client’s operation often determines the pay. Small nonprofits and community groups offer rewarding and impactful opportunities. Large corporations and museums can provide more financial support. Some offices work in teams or with multiple administrators, so it is helpful to know if you prefer to work alone or enjoy collaborating with others. Freelancing is a way to work on short-term projects, and the freedom allows you time to develop your own creativity. For more information, please visit School of the Art Institute of Chicago today.