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Maintaining Healthy Trees Through Tree Pruning In Champlin MN

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Many people love trees, and they are willing to spend a lot of money for them. Specimen trees require special handling and people should invest in the services of an arborist. An arborist is certified in the cultivation and management of trees. Some people call them tree surgeons, because they make trees healthier. Pruning is one of the major tools used to ensure that trees remain vital.

The arborist, who does Tree Pruning in Champlin MN, follows ANSI A300 pruning standards. These are the national standards for pruning. The standards recommend that trees only be pruned for maintenance and hazard reduction. Any type of pruning should consist of one of the following:

• crown cleaning
• crown thinning
• crown raising
• crown reduction or shaping
• vista pruning
• crown restoration

Crown cleaning is part of tree pruning . It involves removing dead, dying or diseased branches. Several branches are removed from the center of the tree in crown thinning. The removal allows light to penetrate the entire tree, which is necessary for healthy growth. Crown raising is done when a tree spreads, and blocks a particular area. Several of the lower branches are removed to slow growth in that area. Vista pruning is the removal of branches that are blocking the view. Someone who needs crown restoration, needs tree pruning to improve the structure of a tree. Trees that are badly damaged, by storms or vandals, need crown restoration.

Arborists do a lot more than tree pruning in Champlin MN. Often, they are required to service a tree’s roots. If the root-ball is damaged, a tree will not survive. Some arborists install lightning protection systems. The system makes trees strong enough to withstand a direct lightning hit. Likewise, they install braces for smaller trees that need support. Arborists are also qualified to appraise the value of trees, if the service is needed for insurance purposes. Most certified arborists go through strenuous training in all disciplines of tree care. The various disciplines include diagnosis and treatment, consultation and report writing, climbing and pruning and cabling and lightning protection. Trees are a major investment and increase property value. Let a professional arborist such as Yes! Trees llc maintain your investment. To know more about their tree services contact them now.