Linked Smoke Alarms works reliably under any circumstances

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Fire Protection Service

First Alert, Inc. is proud to manufacture a variety of linked smoke alarms that can keep your home or office building safe. There are many reasons to have a smart smoke detector that can tell you the location of the problem, and we’ll make it easy to have one in your building. We’ve been producing high-quality safety items since 1958, and we take pride in the products that we’ve shared with the community.

Our linked smoke alarms come with a comprehensive warranty, and you can trust them to work reliably under any circumstances. We offer our customers follow-up support to help them understand how to operate their new smoke detector. Any of their questions will be answered thoroughly and honestly.

You can choose between a variety of linked smoke alarms that we make. Some models come with Alexa built in and can enhance the operation of your Smart Home in addition to acting as a smoke detector. With premium speakers and a customizable nightlight, there’s nothing it can’t do. The voice control will let you control many areas of your home, including dimming your lights, turning off electrical appliances and unlocking or locking various doors. You can also play music, place phone calls, or communicate between different rooms in your home.

Our alarms work with Apple HomeKit and will notify you if there’s a problem in your home. With the warning, you’ll be able to act and prevent further damage to your property. These units will mount easily in any room in your home and be intuitive to use. You can have the peace of mind that you’ll stay updated on the state of your home.

To find out more about installing a smart smoke detector in your home, give the team from First Alert, Inc. a call today and learn more about our different and unique products.

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