Law in Minnesota: Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Law attorney

If you’re going to be talking to a personal injury attorney in Minnesota soon, you need to come prepared with good questions. The following are a few important ones you need to ask.

What Will You Be Charged?

It’s important to find out how much the lawyer is going to charge you. Some only charge a percentage of your winnings. You should be leery of lawyers who say something that sounds too good to be true. Remember that these folks are working for free until you win, so they want to be adequately compensated for their hard work.

Out of Pocket Costs?

Find out if the personal injury attorney in Minnesota is going to charge you any out-of-pocket costs. This doesn’t always happen, but it’s a charge some lawyers ask you to pay in addition to their regular fee. This is something you have to pay even if you lose your case. Find out if this is something you have to worry about.

Have You Worked on Similar Cases?

Ask if the lawyer has worked on cases like yours. Your lawyer should have some experience with a similar case. You should also find out what the outcomes were. Of course, a lawyer may lose a few cases here and there, but they shouldn’t lose all of them. It’s going to be a strange question to ask, but you have the right to ask it.

These are some important questions to ask, so jot them down. You can ask as many as you want until you feel comfortable.

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