How Land Surveying Has Stood the Test of Time

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Business

Few careers have changed quite as much in the last few decades – while remaining relevant – as land surveying has. All a person has to do is glance at the inventory of any surveying equipment retailer to see just how reliant we are on technology that has only existed for a brief amount of time. Here’s a quick look at just how much GPS and other advancements have changed the way we take note of the things around us and how we make use of those resources.

A Changing Livelihood with Changing Tools

Land surveying has existed almost as long as mankind itself. Since people first begin to build large structures, we have relied on the services of surveyors to give us a clear picture of what the earth around us looks and feels like, so we can properly map our surroundings and make sense of the plans we have for them.

Surveying equipment has evolved tremendously over time. In recent decades, what was once entirely reliant on traditional means has become primarily technology-based. In fact, the two categories of surveying equipment – hardware and software – show the fundamental nature of software to the modern surveying business and just how important technology has become to the industry.

The Future of Land Surveying

Unlike many long-standing career paths, land surveying is unlikely to become obsolete any time soon. Despite the major changes that have been seen in surveying equipment over time, the skill itself has remained an important part of developing the land around us. And if there’s one thing modern humans do a lot of, it’s developing land to suit our needs. As long as there are people building structures of considerable size or scientists interested in exploring the surface of the earth, there will be a need for land surveyors. Visit Frontier Precision for more information!

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