Is Your Copier Or Printer Proving Expensive To Operate?

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Business

By this, I do not mean in terms of the electricity it consumes – nor am I thinking about the cost of whatever type of paper you are using. If you are using a laser copier or printer you will be reproducing your words, numerals and pictures with a powder that adheres to the paper.  The source of the powder is the machine’s toner cartridge and that is what concerns us here. This container of powder is not cheap to buy and it is required on a very frequent basis which makes it the main consumable expense of your copying or printing operations.

Do You really Need To Buy This High Priced Consumable?

Unfortunately, you must have it if you are going to put anything on the paper. The powder inside the container is a a mix of carbon, iron oxide and a polymer that is fed in a computer controlled to the print head(s) of the machine where it is melted by the fuser so as to make it bond to the print/copier paper. No powder means that nothing will appear on the paper.

Is There An Alternative?

The answer to this question is very much a “yes and no –it all depends” one. You can substitute wet inks for the dry powder – but, not in the same machine. To switch to ink, you need to change the type of copier or computer first. In addition, ink is also considered a consumable item that many retailers also sell at a high price.

Is There Anything Cheaper?

Yes there is but practicalities need to be considered. Some of the earliest photocopiers did not use a sealed container system. Instead, the powder was stored in a separate bottle and then poured into a reservoir in the machine as and when required. This method did have a lower cost than today’s systems but was unpopular with many since they found the pouring process to be somewhat messy and cleaning up any spilled powder can be difficult.

However, money can still be saved by buying re-manufactured cartridges that have been filled by a third party. Buying powder and doing it yourself is not all that practical in a general office or home environment. Using compatible but non-OEM cartridges can also help to reduce consumable costs.

Shop Around & Buy Wisely

This is the most practical way to spend less. Some bricks and mortar retail stores do offer lower prices – particularly on re-manufactured items. However, you are likely to find even better bargains from an online store whose overheads are less and can easily offer a wider selection.

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