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Is A Horizontal Milling Machine The Right Choice?

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When you need milling machines to turn solids into liquids, there are two options to consider. One is a vertical milling machine, and the other is a horizontal milling machine. Making a choice between the two is largely a factor of the specifics of the wet milling operation and the need for smaller particle sizes for specific types of materials.

The Advantages Of the Horizontal Mill

As the name suggests, the tubular grinding center has a horizontal rather than vertical orientation with these milling machines. The tube contains a shaft and specific types of agitator disks. The disks transfer energy to the fluid, and then the material is sheared with the media. This protects the disks for long duty cycles even with the most demanding types of applications.

The design of our horizontal milling machine allows for the maximum fill of media in the tubular chamber. The design also allows for the use of more dense media options that provide the right solutions for difficult or challenging types of material and applications.

Overall, the choice of a horizontal milling machine means more even distribution of smaller amounts of denser media, resulting in lower overall consumable costs. This is also a machine that is easy to clean and maintain as it is easily accessible compared to a vertical milling machine.

In addition to our Custom Milling & Consulting LLC horizontal mill options, we also provide full turnkey solutions for your business, including the accessories and systems needed for immediate integration into your process. To find out more, get in touch with our team at 000-926-0000.