Industries Protect Public Health By Using Air Pollution Control Services

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Air Quality Control System

Nothing is more refreshing than a deep breath of clean, fresh air, but for decades, concerns about air emissions control and the effect of pollutants on public health and the environment have been on the rise. Notably, the United States tackled the issue in 1963 with the Clean Air Act, since amended a number of times. The purpose of the act is to regulate the amount of hazardous pollutants that are being emitted into everyone’s fresh air by vehicles, industries, and other sources.

Important and useful industries throughout the United States have had to determine how they can reduce their air emissions. Air pollution control services can be customized to help neutralize harmful emissions for all kinds of industries.

There are three main kinds of air emissions that need to be controlled. Each industry is unique as to which one or more of these it produces. First, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are fumes and pollutants that can be harmful to people’s health and the environment. Some prominent industries that have to look at neutralizing their VOCs – often through a careful combustion process – include painting and metal finishing companies. Second, hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) are airborne toxins that may cause long-term health problems like cancer. Third, solid particulate matter (PM) can be a byproduct of asphalt manufacturers, food services, and others and can include small particles of oil and other substances emitted into the air.

Different processes are used for each type of air emissions control. Since each industry’s emissions are unique, a solution needs to be tailored to each industry. For expert and experienced air pollution control services, contact Air Clear, LLC at

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