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How to Take Care of Air-Powered Rental Tools During a Project in New York?

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Air tools are somewhat delicate, so you must operate them with care. If you’re going to rent an air-powered device, use these strategies to keep it in great shape.


Moisture can degrade any tool indoors or outdoors. A pneumatic air tool degrades when moisture seeps through its components.

If an air tool is degrading, it will have

  • Rusty parts
  • Frosty hose lines
  • Obstructed air lines
  • Damaged O-rings

There is no way to stop degradation because moisture is always in the air. However, you can reduce it by shutting off your air tool on a humid day.

Environmental Damage

Besides moisture, grit and sawdust can also ruin a good air tool. These substances are a double threat because they can destroy an air tool’s interior and exterior.

Maintenance Checklist

Preventative maintenance is your first line of defense. The following checklist applies to all air tools:

  • Apply lubrication
  • Change the filters
  • Set the air pressure
  • Tighten all fasteners
  • Maintain the feed system
  • Check the air line for leaks

Key Guidelines for Air Tool Rentals in New York

Before a major project, lubricate your air tool at the start of the day. This is the best way to protect the hardware.

Check the vents on the device often during a job. If anything clogs the vents, the motor will overheat.

Tool rentals in New York are convenient, and they help people save money. If you want to be a superb customer, use these strategies the next time you rent a pneumatic air tool. You can acquire very affordable equipment from Empire Tool Rental. To learn more, visit